A story of bee's love

Meet kseniya

Yellow And White Flowers

Many years ago, because of the seasonal allergies that never stopped, I changed my life style from occasional person to organic and natural freak and its definitely improved my life and health quality.

Since then I surround myself and my family just in natural things it’s became my life credo. As a spiritual person I love to meditate and do some religion and esoteric rituals with essential oils, candles and gemstones.

But unfortunately, I realized a big problem to find a quality candles for my home. Most of candles over the counter made from toxic paraffin with some caustic colors and artificial scent that immediately made air in my house heavy and was bringing me a headache.

My life experience helped me to find a solution.

I was born in Russia, Siberia. It was a big megapolis, but surrounded by nature, forests, farms and apiaries, so when I grew up in our house, we only had a beeswax candles that just had an amazing honey scent.

Other big part of my life I spent in Israel the “Holy land”. When you walk in old town in Jerusalem this great odor of beeswax candles just everywhere. And no matter what religion you are Jewish, Christian Buddhist or Muslim,-fire and candles its an integral part of the rituals, holydays and celebration.

Because of that memories I decided to make candles by myself, using just natural, high grade materials as a pure beeswax, cotton and organic hemp wicks, cosmetic grade mica powder and essential oils for fragrance.

As a human health, environment, is an important aspect for me, as well, so all my packages made from recycled paper.

I am one-man operator, so I can guaranty the highest quality of my output.

I make my candles with love and passion and willing to make a good product for my customers and make them happy and satisfied.

On my Instagram page @beeslove_candles I share a lot of interesting information about esoteric side of candles, colors, oils powers and some rituals. You are welcome to follow me.